About Agape Courier International

Legal Information.

Notice To All Our Valuable Customers

Similar to your personal information and bank account, you are required to protect the information associated with your Agape Courier International account. We advised that you “please do not permit anyone use your information to pay for packages using credit/debit cards that were obtained illegally”.

Legally we are or may be required to give local and foreign authorities which may include entities such as Jamaica Customs, Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations Branch, to include the Fraud Squad, Financial Investigations Division (local or foreign banks), Cybercrime Division, US or Jamaica Postal Services, DEA or Jamaica’s local Police transactional information related to fraud which includes but not limited (credit/debit fraud, identification theft, suspected money laundering, illegal items not permitted to be imported etc.).

Agape reserve the privilege to review in accordance with our terms and conditions with any of our accounts that falls in breach; as also the Jamaica Customs or other government investigative body reserve the privilege to suspend or closed any Agape accounts without prior notification.

We thank you for your continuous support and understanding.